"Signature Mailings does a great job meeting all of our needs.  The service has increased our client retention."

"As a Realtor it is imperative to stay in touch with my past clients.  Unfortunately the time to do that is not enough with so many other responsibilities.  Thanks to Signature Mailings, I'm still able to stay in touch with my clients for years to come without having to take time from prospecting or doing new business.  It is an excellent way to stay in touch and to continue to have past clients know that they are on your mind."

"The program of "personally" signed greeting cards is amazing and I love to hear that people love and appreciate the personal touch.  Thank Heaven for this program as I would never be able to do it on my own!!"

"For many years, we have sent monthly cards to our customer base.  We are Real Estate Agents and it is an excellent method to stay in touch with past and potential customers.  Our success over the years has been repeat business and we attribute that to the system we have set up with Signature Mailings."

"These mailings have been one of the best ways for me to "touch" my clients on a regular basis throughout the year.  It has brought me so many referrals and additional business.  Best money spent!"

"I have benefited from the Signature Mailings service for several years.  I use it to keep my name and business in front of my clients on a frequent basis.  Not only is it a real time saver, it is a great way to maintain steady contact with your clients.  I know the service is impactful when I receive a call or email thanking me for thinking of them on their birthday or holiday.  The most memorable call was from a loved one saying, "my dad passed away, but I know he thought a lot of you because he kept all of your cards and was so amazed that you always remembered him.  So, thank you."  That alone was worth it to me."

"Using Signature Mailings is a way for me to stay top of mind with my clients, even when I can't see them personally."

"Timing is everything in the Real Estate business.  I believe by using Signature Mailings to send quarterly cards to my past clients, it keeps my name in the for front.  Signature Mailings has been extremely efficient and also very helpful with the card selection.  I highly recommend their service."

"I have been using the service for a few years and I really like it.  My clients feel that they are on my mind."