All of Signature Mailings greeting card mailing programs offer the following features:

  • Customized greeting card mailing programs to fit your business and industry.
  • A wide variety of high quality greeting cards from which to choose.
  • Personalized messages and sentiments.
  • Greeting cards are imprinted with your Name, Company Name and Phone Number.
  • Each card is individually signed by hand; we do not scan or print signatures.
  • Each card has your business card enclosed.
  • Each envelope is professionally addressed with your return address.
  • Each envelope is a color matching the card; this ensures the card gets opened.
  • Commemorative postage is always used; this takes away the mass mailing look.
  • Monthly reports showing which clients will be receiving cards are provided.
  • No where on the card or the envelope does it have our company name.
  • Reliable turn-key program that costs less than doing it yourself.
  • We offer a personal relationship with our clients; we work one on one with you.
  • We manage our client's database.  We make additions, deletions or changes for you.

If you are looking for Greeting Cards that you can send yourself, we recommend Signature Cards.  Signature Cards is a sister company of Signature Mailings. You can view Signature Cards' wide selection of Business Greeting Cards on their website